Newbie for social enterprise


According to Wikipedia, a social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being – this may include maximizing social impact rather than profits for external shareholders. Moreover Social enterprise features increasingly in public debates on the future of public services and among solutions put forward for heightened community engagement and economic regeneration. Besides that, social enterprise consultant is the person who has an in-depth understanding of the issues around social enterprise, as well as practical experience in running and growing social enterprises.

Thus, undertaking social enterprise can help organisations achieve financial independence, grow their activities, improve their ability to achieve their aims and make themselves a more attractive prospect for donations.

On the other hand, social enterprise also creates some challenges for business. It includes attracting current and future customers, leading right direction more than control the community.

The purpose of this blog is taking a deeper view of some social enterprise area whilst analysing the impact on both customers and business. Additionally, I also want to have some other opinion of the different views of other bloggers on some specific things. So I can learn more as the area of a consultant of social enterprise.

For me, a useful post shows a clear view of the blogger and analysis in-depth into a specific topic and with relevant sample. It also needs the deeper research on anything topic. I think to be an effective community I need to interact more on online community as reading carefully and reply my opinion or review on other blogger. Getting more feedback and learning more from both ways.

These are two of my favourite blogs

MigrationologyTravel for food – I love cooking and travelling, I spend most of the time to watch his blogs, he has both video and word blogs, he share experience on food and travel tips.

Engadget – this is one of the technology news reviews blogs. I want to get the lastest new for technology, and love to have a deeper look and review on some different products in the market.


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