Customer services on social media of Nike and Starbuck


According to Gartner any technology that facilitates social interactions and is enabled by a communications capability, such as the Internet or a mobile device. Examples are social software (e.g., wikis, blogs, social networks) and communication capabilities (e.g., Web conferencing) that are targeted at and enable social interactions.

Moreover, McKinsey stated that social technologies have given social interactions the speed and scale of the Internet i n a few short years. Whether discussing consumer products or organizing political movements, people around the world constantly use social-media platforms to seek and share information. Companies use them to reach consumers in new ways too; by tapping into these conversations, organizations can generate richer insights and create precisely targeted messages and offers. She also states that the benefits and value associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0 using the 10 Social Technology value levers classify into 5 categories:

  • Product development
  • Operations and Distribution
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer Services
  • Business Support


Besides that, Nike and Starbucks are the two different globally company which are doing in producing sport shoes area, and producing and marketing roast coffee and operating a large chain of coffee shops respectively. Both of them are using social media efficiently for their customer services. In fact, Nike has more than 5 million Followers on Twitter, and use another Twitter account as #NikeSupport to response to customer inquiries and issues. Nike Support is dedicated to all things customer service, making it easier for customers to reach out when they have a problem or a question they want answered. And Nike Support is very active, and like other companies with great social media customer service, very quick to respond. If you look at the account’s Twitter feed, you’ll see replies every few minutes. This shows customers that they can trust Nike to provide them with the help they need, when they need it.


Similarly, Starbuck recognizes just how important customer service is, especially on social media. They use both Facebook and Twitter for their customer services channel. The coffee giant is active and quick to respond to customer questions and complaints on its Facebook page, and is engaging and fun with its customers on Twitter, too. Starbucks knows when to bring the personality to its replies, and when to hold back and be professional, showing customers that the brand is both personable and dynamic. And, like Nike, Starbucks also had a separate Twitter account called #MyStarbucksIdea as an additional way to engage with customers. This account, while less active than Starbucks’ main Twitter account, is a place where customers can submit and discuss ideas to make Starbucks better.



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