Week 13 – Wrap-up and done!!!!!

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IAB260 – Social Technology, is a new unit which makes me a bit curious about. When I first looked at this unit, I was not sure what I should learn or do from IAB260. I couldn’t figure out what I will be taught for social technology. For the first few day, looking at the content of website, I could imagine what I should do for the rest of this semester with this unit. There was a bit confusion at the first when Kate told us we will communicate on Google+ and get the unit resources by other website. However when I get used with new material tools for learning, it becomes more interesting and enjoying. IAB260 on Google+ community are students and teaching staffs who are friendly and give you any immediate feedback ASAP.

Weekly learning outcome.

There is 13 weeks of this unit with some exciting and interesting activities, and also difficult tasks. I am in Evens group, which requires me to complete critical reflection on week 4, week 6, week 8 and week 10.

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Evens Activities

Week 4 – I was not sure how to express my idea about online community and how to write clearly for an online blog post. However I get over it and did well for the published post on WordPress

Week 6 – I was thinking about the natural disaster which some suggested case study from Kate. Finally I have chosen another one with Nepal Earthquake in 2015 and Japan Tsunami in 2011. I didn’t get any trouble with this week reflection. I think I did well for them

Week 8 – I wasn’t sure about this week activity content. I was sure I would write something about health device and app for my critical reflection. However I didn’t know where I should start and go with. However I finally end up with Health app in my iPhone and transfer the data to get some analysis with Fitbit app

Week 10 – In this week I found a very interesting topic for me. I do like about Intellectual property, social technology, and sharing art online. It is hard to explain why I am so excited with this topic. But I have been using internet for a long time and I understand the value of my own photos or others. I was surprised when there are someone using photos of others on Instagram to sell them with the price $100k. If it was me, I would try way to take my photos back and have some actions with that guys.

Personal Poster, Identify Maps and reflection

The poster took me lots of time to finish. I got trouble when my idea didn’t meet with the content available on internet. I figured out to use the icons with less text because I know that a picture worth a thousand words. The problem is most of the icons from the source I found were not free for use. I had backup plan to use my created icons, however it took 7-10 times longer than using free icons. I gave up with that idea, and I had to return with my first plan. I kept searching more sources with free use licence. Finally I found one with a huge library which meet with my requirement. The biggest challenge was solved and I only need time to finish the rest of this assignment.

Photo credit: Gamification via (C.C. License)

The gamification challenges

This activity is quite enjoyable for me. I could interact with me other students online and relax to play the game. However there are some pretty difficult task because they are timed. Some tasks was only 1 hour timing and I couldn’t do any when I was at work. But overall, the task make me more active when I am online in IAB260 community.

My strength and weakness

I discovered that I did well for the area of designing. However I also have some weak point as writing and understanding the content or question. I did some feedback for my writing skill and I appreciate about that. The hardest thing I found for me from this unit is understanding clearly the content. I am sure it was stated clearly by Kate but it just my language problem. I usually have to read many times to clarify the content of the question before I did.

Key take-away from this unit

There are some 3 keys I got from this unit including researching skill, writing skill, and copyright.

I do researching a lot when I learn or write my critical reflection. I found that my researching skill has improved by giving the right keywords and scan quickly to the thing relating to my topic. My writing skill was also improved when I write my reflection. I got the feedback from others and corrected my mistakes on time. I also read posts and learn from their feedback to get for my own. And lastly copyright is also an interesting topic for me. It also remind me to double check the copy right of anything I got from other or I should use my own and protect it online


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