A1 – Critical Reflection

Social technology is an interesting subject. I thought I were a skilful user when I was online. However, I have learnt many new things so far with this unit. In this technology era, everyone seems to be online on social networks. Many people tend to use social network more than hanging out in person before. Infographic is a new way to catch the view of users easily. People like photos, visual chart and bigger text. That’s what infographic works for eye catching. I had assignment to design for my persona poster and identify map. I haven’t done anything like that before. It’s a bit difficult for first time start.

Firstly I had lots of research about infographic and persona before I started to design my poster. I was really confused what I should put on my personal poster. I had no idea about anything for my own poster. For the first few research, I was impressed what people want to design on their personas and other infographic designs. Most of designs are very clear and eye-catching. Besides that, I was struggling myself about the content and design style I need to do for my persona. I wrote down what I need to do for my design as the requirements including less words, less effect, eye-catching photos and colours.

The next step, I have almost reviewed a number of sample persona posters and infographic design. I was trying to figure out all the things I need for my persona. I was really excited for this job. I thought I was as easy as what I have looked at. I wrote down all the specification for my own poster based on the the criterial. I was so greedy to try to get too much information and put it into my persona. I was flooded with my own information. I was confused for my design between enough details or more visual interface. I was going with the safe choice – more detail and less photos. In fact, I felt into the hole what I created. My poster was as a mess with texts and paragraphs. I was not sure where I could put photo on my design. It is not really what I can ask anyone, because I made the wrong choice.

Although it was not easy to decide to replace what I have done so far, I made other decision to change my poster. I sat down, tried to forget about my old design. I was starting to write down again the main points or idea what I really need to put on my persona. Besides that, I also think as the way what I really want audiences feel about me when they look at my poster. Lastly, I got a few key points for my persona and some idea how to present them on the poster. Figuring out the layout and style for my persona were quite hard. I referenced the feedbacks and recommendations from Kate. It was really good to understand about what I want to show on my persona.

In fact, I want people to know my personality when they look at my poster. I almost changed everything and reduce all the texts. I add some charts with bigger number on the top or the bottom of the chart. I used the range of bright colours for my object as text box or shapes. I definitely had to use the dark colour for the background. I was also thinking about this small thing. Choosing between dark background with bright text or bright background with dark text? I kept asking that question by myself many time before I made other decision. After that, I went with dark background and bright text. I was happy with my decision and I thought that it would be good for eye catching.

Next step, I sketched quickly for my poster outline. It was quite easy and my process was developing quite well. One more time, I put too much texts on the poster. I was thinking to replace the text with icons and numbers. I keep searching for various icon type from many sources. It was quite difficult to find nice and coloured icons for free use. Besides that, there are many kinds of icon, I didn’t want my poster become a mess again with redundant things. Flat icons are cool with clear colours and visually. After that, I keep searching again for flat icons of different categories from different free sources. I have almost enough icons for my poster collection. For next step, I only need to transfer my statistics tables and numbers to chart. I used bar chart for my social networks. I thought it’s easier for people to understand it instead looking at the percentage numbers. I also set different colours for different bars depending on the colours of the logo icons. I had pie chart for motivation when I use social network. I also had the other pie charts for time spending based on using computer and mobile device.

The chart parts was finished, I moved to adding icons for emotion part and finishing the text for my poster. It was not easy to find the right icons to match with my desired content. I feel like it will take forever to finish this part. However, I had completed with acceptable icons. Adding the text was not too hard for me. However I realized one small thing but I am sure it could be the big thing for every poster. Same text size could make people get bored with your good design layout. I used to keep the same size for header and content. As a view of an audience, I was not happy and I would ignore my poster to move for another one with better text size. So I changed almost the sizes of my texts. E.g. the top part of my first page poster, draw a square shape and put all the text of my personal detail in that shape. Then I only need to resize them to bigger and smaller size to fit in that square. It looked much better and easy to read. I also use that tip for the bigger and smaller text with the scale of more and less importance. I also changed the colours of the heading shapes.

When I started making my identify map, I had not done anything like this before. I was not sure what I was doing for my identify map. I try to think about the many different way to express myself reflecting on social network. However I thought I should follow with the style of my persona poster. So I use many different circles with three different colours, which stands for work/study, leisure and both. And sizes of the circles based on the time spending on social network. I also added some more inside each circles, which symbol for comment, like, post, read/watch and chat. I think it look good for both persona and identify map now. I am sure they look the same style to compare each other.

There are some thing I have learnt from my design. According to me, less text with bigger and different font size are better than same and same font size. Background colour could be darker is better for colourful content. Numbers is useless unless they come with visual chart. In term of designing, the final thing people like to do for that is eye catching. It is not only the important thing but also the key element for design any infographic poster.


Assignment 1 – Persona and Identify Map Sources

Sources for my persona poster and identify map

Icon made by Freepik from Flaticon. CC BY 3.0.

Icon made by Martz90 from  DeviantartCC BY-NC.

Icon made by DesignBolt from IconArchiveCC BY-NC.

Icon made by Webalys from  IconArchiveCC BY-NC.

Icon made by GraphicLoads from  IconArchiveCC BY-NC.

Icon made by Flat Icon from  IconArchive, CC BY-NC.

Icon made by Icojam from Icojam, CC BY-NC.

The INFJ Personality Type in Relationships from Truity