A2 – Week 2 – How I manage my online identity

Crab cake with tomato

Hi everyone

I have couple of things to say about me and the way I spend time online. At first, I was confused to create WordPress page for my own. There are many options and tabs for the first steps to make my own. However I get used with it now. The next thing I want to share about my thought of blogging.

At first, I was using Yahoo 360 as my first blog in my life, I didn’t care much about the privacy on it. It’s simply like a place to make friends and write your opinions or feeling of something. In the past, Internet was not too as popular as nowadays. Most of the people didn’t worry much about security problems. Nevertheless it’s another story now. When I was online, it means my personal life could be shared to people I didn’t know.

Currently I use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and some other forums. But I mainly use Facebook and Instagram. For my Facebook, I always separate and set private for my posts, my photos and notes. I have many friends on Facebook and I divided them into different groups so I can manage the rights for the friends who can read or comment on my Facebook. My Facebook is just like a place where I can say and express my feeling or just like sharing my moments of life with friends. I rarely share much about my family on my Facebook. I have my own place for family and keep it for myself. So I like to keep it for myself rather than sharing with my people on my Facebook.

For Instagram, it is my cooking corner. I almost share my home cook dishes to everyone who loves food. I don’t worry much about it. Cooking is my hobby and Instagram is a place where I can share to the world all my own favourite dishes. People can follow me easily on Instagram. For other forums, I almost use my second email, instead of my primary one, I just don’t want to receive too much spam mail or being found out by many “online strangers”.

Finally, as I have said before, I am a bit cautious now when I am online. I am happy to expand my social network to many people. However I will add them if I know them or they know me. I don’t show my personal email, phone number or address as public view. But I do share things what I want my friends to see on my wall and my page.

I am looking forward to see all you guys for IAB260.


Jerry ^^!


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